The Life

The days passed
life travelled through the roads
known and unknown faces all came
and walked as per the sunshine they needed
some giving rise to storms
and some full of forest fire
yet life travelled and didn’t stop
stories remembered and written
on the book of Life!!

Pages filled with emotions, love, laughter
and then the screams and pain
written are the scars and wounds
from the known and the unknown
thoughts of finishing the travelling life
methods to ease the pain
and deny the soul to breathe again!!

Pages filled with the nectar of love
some dreams born
some were aborted in the mind
some stories in brown
the poems of responsibility
the paragraphs of lives that needed my spark
to make their sunshine
the stories were new
love was new
betrayal was the same
the need was the same
life kept travelling!!

The book kept growing
with stories from all
some known and the unknown
faces that make a call
some for spark, some for need
some for stories and some in greed!!

Life kept travelling oceans and mountains
in dry drought land and green grass lanes
trying to give life to dreams
forgetting the aborted stories of screams!!

Known and unknown came to be
the part of pages of the book called me
no one came to be just for me
no shadow came to sit and read me
stories came, pages came
the book kept growing with pages
from known and unknown faces of life!!

The life kept travelling!!