A Soul

The words of my soul
Whispering beneath the uproar.
Life of me unknown to me,
Crumbling in the sand, hot and sore.

Shadows have left, people have gone
I met myself who was unknown.
He told me stories of a soul to me,
The echoes I heard, that followed me

He shared my soul, my air to breathe
He was listening to my story,
with grace and wreath.
He recognized me well, more than me
We sat together lonesome.

I had a soul, a mind to hear
He knew me, I was up a tear.
The sky was clear, stars were shining.
Everything was mute but it had a meaning.

I was talking to my present and to my past
Our discussion started but didn’t last.
I woke up and found myself beneath the memories
That still hinders my smile and worries me!!!