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Jasbeer Singh

Writer | Coder

Hey there,

I am Jasbeer singh, an author and a software developer.

I am a published author and create content on Linkedin, Medium, and X.
I help people to create content and learn how to grow as a personal brand.

Writing is my way of recreating my life.

For some writing is a passion, for others writing may be a medium to earn. I have been writing since I was a child. I used to write stories and poems when I was in school.

Apart from writing, I am a software developer where I write code that machine understands. I make different applications for people to use.

Why I am here? What I can provide you?

I love to write about my experiences. Especially my failures, why I failed, and how I succeeded. How I achieved a few of my goals and how I failed to achieve most of my goals.

I write content on different platforms to provide some value to readers. I want you to read my experiences and learn why I failed. What went wrong and why? I want you to be aware of a roller-coaster life.

Where I write

I write on different platforms

  1. Medium
  2. LinkedIn
  3. Twitter
  4. Instagram
  5. Life Cornify

My Books

I love to read books and have self-published my first book in 2019. Walking with My Soul is my first self-published book. I write short poetry and have published one such Kindle book named About Love and Hope.

  1. Walking with my Soul: Click here to buy
  2. About Love and Hope: Click here to buy

I love to travel and meet people from different walks of life. Learning is a process for me that will end with me.

Work with me

I am very much keen to collaborate with new people and outsource some of my stuff to professionals. I create content such as Articles, Videos, and posts.

I am planning to create an eBook that can be valuable for people.

You can connect with me —