Lost Pieces

Surrounded by many
people all around
Thinking of pieces
that were lost in the ground

The changed thing
that can amuse anyone
Grown-up with my thoughts
missing someone

The tender little thoughts
that made me grow
Are Lost in the dust
of the seeds I sow

Age was young
with no fear and flaw
I was a changed adult, fresh and raw.

love of siblings and lap of mom
Fathers back supporting my stardom.

Changed by the rules that were a custom
I had to decay the seeds of my kingdom
The tenderness lost in a sea of ado
I lost my pieces many years ago.

king of my kingdom met with the world
To live this life his dreams were sold
The naughty little kid was lost in the crowd
Sold the dreams to be falsely proud

Acquired a place loved by all
Lost a kid as I grow tall
His thoughts still amuse me,
his tenderness makes me smile
I penned it down to meet him for a while!!